先ず、ビットコインって、何? という事を、今回、SECに提出されたS-1に書かれた定義で見ることにしましょう:

A Bitcoin is one type of a Digital Math-Based Asset that is issued by, and transmitted through, an open source, cryptographic protocol platform known as the Bitcoin Network. The Bitcoin Network is an online, end-user-to-end-user network that hosts the public transaction ledger, known as the Blockchain, and the source code that comprises the basis for the cryptographic and algorithmic protocols governing the Bitcoin Network. Bitcoins can be used to pay for goods and services or can be converted to fiat currencies, such as the US Dollar, at rates determined on Bitcoin Exchanges. See “Uses of Bitcoins–Bitcoin Exchange Market,” below. Each Bitcoin is a digital file and can be transferred without the involvement of intermediaries or third parties, ensuring that there are little or no transaction costs in direct end-user-to-end-user transactions; third party service providers such as Bitcoin Exchanges may charge significant fees for processing transactions. The Bitcoin Network is decentralized and does not rely on either governmental authorities or financial institutions to create, transmit or determine the value of Bitcoins. Rather, the value of Bitcoins is determined by the supply of and demand for Bitcoins in the Bitcoin Exchange Market, as well as the number of merchants that accept them.
Satoshi Nakamoto is considered to be the creator of Bitcoins and the Bitcoin Network; however, no individual with that actual name has been publicly identified as the Bitcoin Network’s creator, and the general consensus is that the name is a pseudonym for the actual inventor or inventors. The first Bitcoins were created in 2009 after Nakamoto released the Bitcoin Network source code (the software and protocol that created and launched the Bitcoin Network). Since its introduction, the Bitcoin Network has been under active, unofficial development by a group of engineers headed by Gavin Andresen, Chief Scientist at the Bitcoin Foundation. As an open source project, Bitcoin is not represented by an official organization or authority. Nonetheless, the Bitcoin Foundation works to organize the Bitcoin community and to develop and protect the Bitcoin Network’s code.


ビットコインとは電子計算に基づいた資産のいち形態であり、オープンソースの、暗号化された手順で受渡される。その受渡ネットワークがビットコイン・ネットワーク(The Bitcoin Network)で、取引があったことはブロックチェイン(Blockchain)と呼ばれる取引台帳によって記録される。ビットコインはモノやサービスの支払いに使えるし、米ドルのような通貨にも、そのときの相場で換金できる。その相場はビットコイン・エクスチェンジ(Bitcoin Exchanges)と呼ばれる、ネット上の「取引所」によって決まる。